I was reminded by the “one eyed monster” that I made a number of flying figures as he, without my permission, was using one of my images to market his gallery (only the Pretoria ART Museum, where the work resides, has permission to use this image). Angry at first, I realised that he inadvertently was marketing me and something else, something beautiful, came out of his disregard for normal decent behaviour.  I was prompted to make this image 

The flying figures, be they an Angel or an Icarus, are part of my history and my oeuvre.  It was ushered in by an exhibition of Michael Ayrton’s work at Rhodes University when I was a student there.  I relate to that story because my biological father was a pilot for the RAF and was killed in a flying accident when I was just knee high to a grasshopper. 

Ayrton saw the Icarus story as a poetic act of defiance.  A demonstration against the gods.  I like that!  Life is difficult.  There never was an easy route through life but in the past several years more stones have been rolled into the track. I am thinking of the banking crises which became the great recession which was followed by Zuma’s “nine lost years” and now, Covid 19.  

Yet, through it all; father’s (x 2) that die and leave the family poor, the gallery that steals and breaks my work, the poor economic conditions that make selling work difficult, and the plague that harries us, I have been lucky.   

It is as if there has been a guardian Angel watching over me.