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Irrational. Enigmatic. Magical. Carl Roberts is a complex, self-deprecating artist – and a gifted creator of magical sculptures.

About Carl Roberts

Irrational. Enigmatic. Magical. Unlock some of the mystery that makes a great sculptor – meet the man behind the magic.


Carl’s work is on display in galleries around South Africa. Whenever there’s an exhibition of Carl’s work, we’ll let you know.


Carl is usually busy with at least one new sculpture in wood, bone, or various metals. Take a look at what he’s busy with now.


Carl’s work spans four decades. In that time, he has created sculpted works of art in a range of media. Take a look.

Sculptures That Tell A Story

Carl’s mercurial talents can be found on several continents, gracing the spaces of those who like to surround themselves with uniquely beautiful pieces … Those who will enjoy telling the story about how they unearthed their alluring investment, and what it means to them.

Few of us get to do what we really love – and for Carl, creating these pieces can sometimes be a sheer act of self-indulgence.  It allows the flow of long forgotten memories and emotions to ingratiate themselves into forms of the wood, bone, bronze and stone.

Carl’s sculptures tell a story. They entertain and engage all who see them. They provoke thought. They are naturally ambiguous, layered and undefined, allowing collectors or gallery visitors the pleasure of unravelling their secrets. His works can be enjoyed in a variety of materials including bone, wood, stone and bronze.

Artist’s Statement

I work like the automatic artist of the Surrealist movement in that I trust my subconscious to generate ideas.  The emphasis is on “magic, accident, irrational, symbols, and dreams”.  Like the Rorschach (inkblot) test, the material often suggests images and sometimes presents them in an unusual way.  The image made depends ultimately upon what lies in the subconscious, elements of chance, and the spirit of the times.  


Carl’s work is often on display in galleries around the country – and the world. Whenever there’s a new exhibit on circuit, we’ll post the details here. Don’t forget to check back here often.
Sculpture Exhibition Map

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